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Who We Are

We are one of the top escort agencies in China. Our services are available in all major cities of China.

Who Our Clients Are

All our clients are men from upper class of China, they could be celebrities, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, high-income white-collar workers, etc. Most of them are well-educated, some of them can even speak fluent European languages like French or German.

Who You Are

You should be under 40 years old, female, NOT Chinese or Blacks.

What You Will Do

Sexual services, companion services, sugar baby service.

Why You Should Work With Us

1.Your working time is flexible, you can work with us as a part-timer or full-timer.

2.We help you get rich quickly. You'll be paid 2000 to 5000 CNY/RMB per hour normally. You can also make arrangements with our sugar daddy clients to get more stable income, there are no rate limits in sugar arrangements.

3.You'll be able to choose your clients, you are free to accept the work or not, no threats or harassment.

4.We are concerned about your safety. We work like a shield to protect you from the evil one and unexpected events.

5.We respect your privacy, your personal information will never be exposed publicly.

Please read all the questions below and email us your answers.

Question 1

What's your first name?

Question 2

How old are you?

Question 3

Tell us your height(cm) and weight(kg).

Question 4

What is your nationality?

Question 5

Tell us your skin color, hair color and eye color.

Question 6

Which city do you live in?

Question 7

What languages do you speak? Can you speak Mandarin Chinese?

Question 8

Have you ever worked as an escort? Do you want to work with us as a part-timer or full-timer?

Question 9

What sexual services can you provide?

options: vaginal sex, anal sex, blow job, BDSM

Question 10

Tell us what makes you special and attractive to our clients.

There's no need to send photos or videos unless requested.

Our Email Address

email us your answers


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